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Selected Publications

Recent Peer-reviewed Manuscripts (ORCID: 0000-0002-6184-3103):


Most Recent (2019-Present):

Pena, J.S.; Ramanujam, R.K.; Risman, R.A.; Tutwiler, V.; Berthiaume, F.; and Vazquez, M, Neurovascular Relationships in AGEs-Based Models of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy, Bioengineering 2024 Jan 8;11(1):63. 


Markey, M.W.; Pena, C.; Venkatesh, T.; Cai, L.; and Vazquez, M., Retinal progenitor cells exhibit cadherin-dependent chemotaxis across transplantable extracellular matrix of in vitro developmental and adult models, J Tissue Eng Regen Med 2023, Volume 2023 | Article ID 1381620,


Cliver R.; Castro, N.; Russomano, T.; Lardieri, G.; Quarrie, L.; Van der Merwe, H.; and Vazquez M., ‘Antioxidants derived from natural products reduce radiative damage in cultured retinal glia to prevent oxidative stress, Neuroglia 2022, 3(3), 84- 98. 

Pena, J.S.; Vazquez, M., 'Harnessing the Neuroprotective Behaviors of Müller Glia for Retinal Repair,' Front Biosci (Landmark Ed), 2022 May 30;27(6):169. 

Castro, N.; Cohen, R.; Vazquez, M., 'Re: "Organ-On-A-Chip Technologies for Advanced Blood-Retinal Barrier Models," by Ragelle et al,' Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2022 Jun;38(5):329-330.


Mut, S.; Mishra, S.; Vazquez, M., 'A microfluidic eye facsimile system to examine the migration of stem-like cells,' Micromachines 2022 Mar 2;13(3):406.


Rodriguez, B.; Vazquez, M.; Cai, L.,' A newly anticipated role for Laptm4b in retinal outer segment development,' Nature Eye 2022 Feb 25.

DePamphilis, L.; Shinbrot, T.; Vazquez, M.,’ Opportunities for Agent Based Modeling of Retinal Stem Cell Transplantation,' Neuro. Regen. Res. 2022 Sep;17(9):1978-1980

Markey, M.W.; Vazquez, M., ‘Targeting collective behaviors of transplanted retinal cells as strategies to improve cellular integration,’ Neuro. Regen. Res. 2022 Jun;17(6):1271-1272.

Mut, S.; Vazquez, M.,’ Emerging hybrid explant systems bring promise to retinal replacement therapy,’ Frontiers Neuroscience 2021 Jul 23;15:714094


Desai, T.; Omolala, E.; Stevens, K.R.; Vazquez, M.; Imoukhuede P.,  'Perspectives on Disparities in Scientific Visibility,' Nat. Rev. Mater.2021 Vol. 6, Issue 7, p.556-559

Pena J.S.; Vazquez, M., 'Microfluidic systems to examine Müller glia responses to anti-VEGF treatments,' Nature Eye 2021 Dec;35(12):3189-3191. 


Vazquez, M., 'Microfluidic and Microscale Assays to Examine Regenerative Strategies in the Neuro Retina', Micromachines 2020; Dec 9;11(12):1089.


Cliver, R.N.; Ayers, B.; Brady, A.; Firestein, B.L.; Vazquez, M., 'Cerebrospinal fluid replacement solutions promote neuroglia migratory behaviors and spinal explant outgrowth in microfluidic culture,' Journal of Tissue Eng Regen Med 2020; Dec 4 (doi: 10.1002/term.3164)

Vazquez, M., 'Teaching tips to enrich remote student engagement in transport phenomena using a hybrid teaching and assessment model,' Biomedical Engineering Education 2020; 1, pp19–24(2021)

Pena, J.S.; Vazquez, M., 'Characterization of VEGF-EGFR interaction in Müller glia to evaluate migration within controlled microenvironments,' Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci.. 2020; 61(7):695.

Mut, S.; Pena, J.S.; Vazquez, M.,'An Ex Vivo Eye Facsimile System (EVES) to evaluate transplantation strategies for cell replacement therapy,' Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci.. 2020; 61(7):795.


Pena, J.S.; Vazquez, M., 'VEGF upregulates EGFR expression to stimulate chemotactic behaviors in Müller glia,' Brain Sci 2020, 10(6), 330.

Zhang S., Markey M., Pena D.C., Venkatesh V., Vazquez, M., ‘A micro-optic stalk to evaluate the collective migration of retinal neuroblasts,’ Micromachines (Basel). 2020 Mar 31;11(4).

Singh, T.; Robles, DR.; Vazquez, M., 'Neuronal substrates alter the migratory responses of non-myelinating Schwann cells to controlled BDNF gradients,' Journal of Tissue Eng Regen Med.  2020 Apr;14(4):609-621.

McCutcheon S.; Majeska, R.; Spray, D.; Schaffler, M.B.; Vazquez, M., 'Apoptotic osteocytes induce RANKL production in bystanders via purinergic signaling and activation of pannexin channels,'  J Bone Miner Res. 2020 May;35(5):966-977.

Pena C.; Zhang, S.; Markey, M..; Venkatesh, T.; Vazquez, M., 'Collective behaviors of Drosophila-derived retinal progenitors in controlled microenvironments,' PLoSOne 2019 Dec 13;14,

Pena C.; Zhang, S.; Majeska, R.; Venkatesh, T.; Vazquez, M., 'Invertebrate retinal progenitors as regenerative models in a microfluidic system,' Cells. 2019 Oct 22;8(10).

Vazquez, M., 'Electro-chemotactic stimuli for cell replacement therapy in neurosensory retina,' Neural Regen Res. 2020 Mar;15(3):450-452.

Peña JS.; Robles D.; Zhang S.; Vazquez M., 'A Milled Microdevice to Advance Glia-Mediated Therapies in the Adult Nervous System,' Micromachines (Basel). 2019 Jul 31;10(8).

Mishra, S.; Pena, J.; Redenti, S.; Vazquez, M., 'A novel electro-chemotactic approach to impact the directional migration of transplantable retinal progenitor cells,' Exp Eye Res 2019, Aug;185:107688

Singh T.; Vazquez, M.; Time-Dependent Addition of Neuronal and Schwann Cells Increase Myotube Viability and Length in An In Vitro Tri-Culture Model of the Neuromuscular Junction,' Regen Eng and Transl Med 2019

Pena J.; Vazquez, M., 'Reducing health disparities in adult vision loss via interfaces with emerging technology,' Nature Eye 2019, Apr;33(4):532-533.

Other Recent Publications:

Pena J.; Dulger N.; Redenti, S.; Majeska R.; Vazquez, M., ‘Controlled microenvironments to evaluate chemotactic properties of cultured Muller glia,' Exp Eye Res 2018 May 19;173:129-137.

Vazquez M., ‘Engaging Biomedical Engineering in Health Disparities Challenges,’J Community Med Health Educ 2018, 8: 595.

Thakur A., Mishra S., Pena J., Zhou J., Redenti S., Majeska R., Vazquez, M., ‘Collective adhesion and displacement of retinal progenitor cells upon extracellular matrix substrates of transplantable biomaterials,’ J. Tissue Eng. (2018) Vol. 9: 1–14.

Mishra S.; Vazquez, M., ‘A Gal-MµS device to evaluate cell migratory response to combined galvano-chemotactic fields,' Biosensors (Basel) 2017 Nov 21;7(4).

Vazquez M.; Marte O.; Barba J.; Hubbard K.; 'An approach to integrating health disparities within undergraduate biomedical engineering education,' Ann Biomed. Eng. 2017 Nov;45(11):2703-2715.

McCutcheon S.; Majeska R.; Schaffler M.B.; Vazquez M., 'A multiscale fluidic device for the study of dendrite-mediated cell to cell communication.' Biomed Microdevices, 2017 Aug 8;19(3): 71.

Unachukwu, U.; Warren, A.; Zhou, J.;, Li, Z.;  Mishra, S.; Sauane, M.; Lim, H.; Vazquez, M.;  Redenti, S.; ‘Predicted molecular signaling guiding photoreceptor precursor cell migration following transplantation into damaged retina,’ Nature Scientific Reports 2016 Mar 3;6:22392

McCutcheon S.; Unachukwu U.; Thakur A.; Majeska R.; Redenti S.' Vazquez M., ‘In Vitro Formation of Neuroclusters in Microfluidic Devices and Cell Migration as a Function of Stromal-Derived Growth Factor 1 Gradients.’ Cell Adh Migr. 2016 Jan 8:0.

Beck C.;, Singh T.; Farooqi A.; Venkatesh T.; Vazquez M., ‘Controlled microfluidics to examine growth-factor induced migration of neural progenitors in the Drosophila visual system,’ J Neurosci Methods. 2015 Dec 29;262:32-40.

Mishra S.; Thakur A.; Redenti S.; Vazquez M., A model microfluidics-based system for the human and mouse retina,’ Biomed Microdevices. 2015 Dec;17(6):107

Rico-Valera J.; Singh T.; McCutcheon S.; Vazquez M.,’EGF as a therapeutic target for medulloblastoma metastasis,’ Cell Mol Bioeng 2015 July 1; Volume 3, Issue 2, pp323. Cell Mol Bioeng. 2015 Dec;8(4):553-565

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