Invited Lectures and Oral Presentations


Professional Workshops and Media

  1. Diversity Up: Women in STEM (2022 Perspectives from students to faculty):

  2. iJOBS Career Panel: Women from Under-Represented Groups in Academic Biology (Invited Panelist), 03.2022

  3. NIH Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD): Faculty Voices of STEM Diversity at Rutgers (Invited Panelist), 02.2022

  4. Rutgers Connection Network, Introduction to the 2022 RCN Mentoring Program (Presentor and Memboer of Executive Committee), 11.2021,

  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Office of Graduate Education (Invited Panelist):  Strategies for Academic Research Funding, 11.2021 (Virtual)

  6. Research Intensive Summer Experience (RISE) at Rutgers University: Biomedical Engineering Study of US-based Health Disparities, 06.2021 (Virtual)

  7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Alumni Association (Invited Panelist): Path to the Professorship, 11.2020 (Virtual)

  8. Reilly Douglass Engineering Living-Learning Community (Reilly DELLC@ Rutgers): Career Paths in Biomedical Engineering (Workshop) 10.2020 (Virtual)

Recent Technical Presentations  ​​

  1. Retinal Degeneration: Microfluidic modeling for novel therapies, University of California (Irvine), Department of Biomedical Engineering (03.2022)

  2. Microfluidic Modeling of Retinal Stem Cell Transplantation, Columbia University, Department of Biomedical Engineering (New York, NY) 12.2021,

  3. Regenerative Behaviors of Retinal Stem Cells, Boston University, Department of Biomedical Engineering (Boston, MA) 11.2021

  4. Modulating neuro-protective responses in retina, Lehman College Department of Biological Sciences (Bronx, NY) 09.2021 

  5. Adhesion and displacement of retinal progenitor cells upon ECM substrates of transplantable biomaterials’, The Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Mini-Symposium 2021: Novel Biomaterials for Ocular Diseases (May 1-7, 2021, Virtual Meeting)

  6. Microfluidic systems to examine the regenerative potential of retinal stem cells, University of Washington, Molecular Engineering and Science Institute (MolES) (Seattle, WA) 2020 (Virtual).

  7. Dissecting the Regenerative Potential of Retinal Stem Cells using Microfluidics, University of Virginia, Department of Biomedical Engineering (Charlottesvile, VA) 2020 (Virtual).

  8. Microfluidic-explant Systems to Explore the Neuroprotective Roles of Müller Glia in the Visual System, University of Delaware, Department of Biomedical Engineering (Newark, DE) 2020 (Virtual)

  9. Biomedical Engineering to Reduce Health Disparities in Adult Vision Loss, University of Maryland, Department of Bioengineering (College Park, MD), Graduate Student Retreat Keynote Event 2020 (Virtual)

  10. Regenerative Potential of Müller Glia: Modulating Neuro-Protective Responses to Retinal Insults and Injury, Schnurmacher Institute Vision Research Colloquium Series, SUNY College of Optometry (New York, NY) 2020

  11. Using Galvano-Chemotactic Fields to Direct the Migration of Transplantable Retinal Progenitor Cells, Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (October 16-19, Philadelphia, PA) OP-FRI-Neural Disease: Model Systems and Therapeutics 2019

  12. Reducing Health Disparities in Adult Vision Loss, BMES Northeast Bioengineering Keynote Opening Symposium (NJ), 2019

  13. The Eye in Biomedical Engineering, University of Florida (Gainesville) 7th Annual Engineering Research Day Keynote Symposium, 2019

  14. Women at the Eye and STEM of Society, Keynote Fairleigh Dickinson University Women in Science Symposium,(NJ), 2019

  15. Linking Retinal Regeneration with Retinogenesis using Microfluidics, Georgia Institute of Technology, Department of Biomedical Engineering (Atlanta, GA) 2018

  16. Microfluidics to Enhance Retinal Regeneration Strategies, University of Connecticut, Department of Biomedical Engineering (Storres, CT), 2018

Older Invited Lectures and Talks  

  1. Retinal Engineering: Flies and Frogs, Mice and Men, Northeastern University, Department of Biomedical Engineering (Boston, MA), 2018

  2. Microfluidics for Reparative Retinal Therapy, University of Southern California, Department of Biomedical Engineering (Los Angeles, CA), 2018

  3. BME Engagement to Reduce Disparities in Adult Vision Loss, Engineering Solutions to Health Care Disparities, Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (October 17-20, Atlanta, GA) OP-FRI-Special Session (2018)

  4.  Time-Dependent Addition of Neuronal and Schwann Cells increase Myotube Viability and Length within Neuromuscular Junction Tri-Cellular Model, Neural Cell Model Systems, Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (October 17-20, Atlanta, GA) OP-FRI-2-16 (2018)

  5. A Novel In Vitro Fluidic Approach to Measuring the Apoptotic Bystander Effect in Osteocyte Networks, American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, Montreal, Canada (Sept 28-October 1, 2018)

  6. Microfluidics-enhanced photoreceptor transplantation, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Department of Neurobiology (Syracuse, NY), 2017

  7. Microfluidics in the Visual System, Gordon Research Conference in Microfluidics, (Italy), 2017

  8. Engaging REU Students in Health Disparities Research and Impact, Motivation and Added Value, Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (October 11-14, Phoenix, AZ) OP-Sat-2-4 (2017)

  9. RANKL Expression as a Measure of Osteocyte Apoptotic Signaling, Spine and Bone, Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (October 11-14, Phoenix, AZ) OP-TH-3-4 (2017)

  10. Using the Visual System to Integrate Health Disparities into BME Education, Special Session, Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (October 11-14, Phoenix, AZ) OP-TH-3-4 (2017)

  11. Retinal Engineering and Microfluidics, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Department of Biomedical Engineering (Piscataway, NJ), 2016

  12. A Nano-microfluidic Device for the study of Osteocyte Apoptotic Signaling, Orthopedics Session, Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (October 5-8,MN) OP-Fri-2-17 (2016)

  13. Growth Factor Mediated Migration of Neonatal Schwann Cells, Glial Engineering, Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (October 5-8, MN) OP-Sat-2-17 (2016)

  14. Engineering Low Cost Solutions to Address Health Care Disparities, Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (October 5-8, Minneapolis, MN) Special Session (2016)

  15. Clinical Microdevices to enhance Photoreceptor Transplantation, Lehman College, Department of Biology (Bronx, NY), 2015